Queen Jayarajadevi

Tales of the Queens’ excellence as spouses, teachers and leaders inspired many strong minded women. Chumteav Bun Rani (the first lady of Prime Minister Hun Sen) was likely inspired by these charismatic Queens. She is the only first lady who freely wears many outfits to official functions in order to actively show her support for her husband from military fatigues, to medical uniforms in addition to casual, traditional, formal dresses. She would always try to perform her best in any field and subject.

In conclusion:

  • The Queens have left numerous sculptures of their images on the temples they have built: Bayon, Bantey Kdei, Banteay Chhmar, etc, and were NOT restricted in the dungeon in Preah Khan as believed by a few locals. Additionally, other images of them can be found at the main entrances of this sacred temple, Preah Khan. (See: Hidden in Plain Sight)
  • The “money scam” theory is FALSE. It was a poor excuse for not investigating. (See:
    The research paper on the discovery of images of Queen Indradevi and Queen Jayarajadevi)

Therefore, the Cambodian authorities should render a proper, respectful homage to these sisters and Queens, starting with cleaning up their sculptures and repairing the falling roofs and walls of their chamber.

Most importantly, these influential, charismatic and humanitarian, Queen Indradevi and Queen Jayarajadevi were and are always amongst us. We need to recognize them as Queens and not apsaras like sexual objects, or devatas, or images, or assets or whatever else. This deceitfully simple, belittling naming error has cheated us of our rich cultural heritage and has condemned the Queens’ most magnificent sculpted portraits to return to sand and stone, forever lost for the next generations.

Queen Indradevi
Queen Indradevi
King Jayavarman VII with eyes wide open to face his foes
or greet his friends or safeguarding and blessing all people.
The Kingdom of halcyon, endless, timeless smiles originated in Bayon.
Queen Indradevi can hide, but cannot run. Her royal and personal
hallmarks on the sculptures were regnonizable.
  Forsaken THEN...IMMORTALIZED in 2010 in a digital world...
for the NEXT generations to search for the TRUTH.