Graffiti allowed on an 8 century old cultural legacy...

with an obviously CLEAR DAMAGE...
UNESCO? Apsara Authority? EFEO? JASA? WMF? KING? PM?

Since 1989, the World Monuments Fund, which has done a great job caring for Preah Khan, has classified these Queens as apsaras (nymphs for the pleasure of the gods) as their predecessors and colleagues did under the "mandarina reign"; and thus, has allowed the locals to deface and molest these Queens for worshiping purposes. Hence, the make-up, incense, powder, lipstick, etc. have been applied to them. It would not hurt as to:

  • The conservation policy is to let Preah Khan slip into a natural destruction.
  • No one would miss 2 apsaras out of +2,000.
  • Accountability is easier.

They Keep It Simple and Short (a.k.a. the KISS theory).

Superstitions superseded rules and regulations.
The locals are destroying THEIR heritage with the BLIND watchdog.
Were they expecting a name tag by Queen Jayarajadevi's
without noticing the hallmarks of a royal?
A few elders believed they are the Queens with NO other proofs
but in the dungeon of Preah Khan. Thus, was it a scam?
The locals recognized her spiritual powers to grant their wishes.
They made lavish offerings in return.

A queen or a goddess or both?
CLEARLY visible intricate details of a royal that
even an illiterate local noticed but an educated mind missed?
Was Professional Graffiti allowed ?

Documenting the WMF works would be of better value.
Are Double Standards allowed in poor countries?

"DO as I say. But don't do as I do."