Horrible lighting. Horrid red lipstick. Still her allure was of a queen.
· 20 Dec 2009 ·
At a different day and time she was looking better.
But she would NOT make it in VOGUE magazine.
· 22 Dec 2009 ·
Did the prayer work? Even her hallmark cleft chin was obvious.
Queen Indradevi's eyes and body curves looked lively...
· 23 Dec 2009 ·
A still model but moody like prima donna.
Queen Indradevi was stone cold, looking worse than prior days.
· 24 Dec 2009 ·
Hardly photogenic in most angles.
· 20 Dec 2009 ·

I had a talk with Queen Indradevi. I told her: “you don’t fool me as an apsara. And your pictures are not very flattering so far.” Then, the ground keeper told me: “If you want her pictures you need to ask her permission in a prayer. ” Three days of photo shoots with poor results, I guessed a prayer would not hurt. I thought I missed all, yet again, because of the naturally poor lighting. And BAM, the camera lens, the 3rd eye, caught something, my naked eyes had missed! Queen Indradevi nearly knocked me off my chair when I viewed her on the monitor.

One of Queen Indradevi's phenomenal days.
· 29 Dec 2009 ·
Hideous, stale, smeared red liptick.
· 22 Dec 2009 ·
The moment when time, light, etc combined to reveal
the royal portrait of Queen Indradevi.
· 25 Dec 2009 ·