a dormant <b>beauty</b> awakens <b>Neo</b> fashion turning raw <b>material</b> into fine <b>ART</b> enhancing the details with <b>pride</b> sculpting <b>life</b> into stone detailing with <b>care</b> infinite <b>patience</b> at work a <b>tough</b> conqueror and <b>kind</b> king <b>classic</b> tradition <b>handcrafted</b> with patience silky <b>smooth</b> creation something <b>new</b> out of the old credit due, <b>value</b> and <b>appreciation</b> the <b>source</b> of inspiration · Queen Jayarajadevi <b>improving</b> on past lessons wood is <b>precious</b> beautiful in <b>pink</b> · Queen Indradevi
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