Bayon, Angkor Thom, Cambodia. In 1181 marked the beginning of a great ancient Khmer civilization.

TRAVEL back in time, to find 3 missing heroes and solve a cryptic crime. JOURNEY into medieval, exotic, classic beauty to find love, tragedy and unpoetic justice.

DECODE the messages in images on the bas-reliefs of the temples. LET the Royal Triad welcome you to their cosmology.
Great spirits never die.
Angkor Thom, an ancient metropolis, had one million plus people living within its fortress and its sprawling suburbia connected with advanced networks of canals. Its economic wealth grew out of farming, building and military expansion. During their reign the royal triad pioneered public hospitals and schools; and built the most monuments and infrastructures. They expanded the kingdom across Thailand, to Myanmar in the north and down to the tip of Vietnam in the south.

People were liberated from the slavish oppression of prior kings. They enjoyed open policies, a public healthcare, training and education. Women shared power in the kingdom's governance. The avant-guarde social development was led by the fierce but fair royal triad of two sisters-queens, and one king - until now hidden in plain sight.
Khmer recorded history has been a recent phenomenon dated since the French colonization in the late 1890's. About 1000 years of history were heavily influenced by Hindu's politics and a plethora of Hindu sects mainly Lingayat, Shivaism, Vishnuism and Brahmanism. Since Buddhism has the same Indian roots as Hinduism, an easy confusion in interpretation is pervasive and so persistent that the three real Buddhist royals and their emblems are confused with Hindu deities.

This investigation clearly shows the visible differences in style and politics that separate these real and famous personalities from the current myths and deities. Abundant and clear proofs, that can be seen by anyone, exist and are in Angkor Park.
This Royal Triad was and will always be greeting with their halcyon, emblematic smiles anyone who ventures into Angkor Thom.
What were their royal emblems? What did they look like? Who betrayed them? Who loved them? Who hated them? How did they die? What was the kingdom flag? These questions are left unanswered in history books. Yet, these and other questions can be answered today, as found carved in stone in the realm of Angkor Thom and its vicinity.

Before your eyes, the mystery enshrouding the 3 royals and other enigmas (long hidden in plain sight) are solved. So, read and/or meet this cool, visionary Royal Triad.
The emerging profile of the royal triad may surprise us all with respect to the architectural and social advances they innovated during the Middle Ages, which are still unparalleled today.