Preah Khan · The Collapsing Dungeon

During an ordinary walk in search of the mythical beasts of Preah Khan, the Garudas, I was introduced to two forsaken, beautiful, publicly known as apsaras or devatas, but sometimes referred as some revered deities and other times as some uncertain “Queens.”

Cambodian history has accounted the two sisters, Indradevi and Jayarajadevi, merely as devout Buddhists, wives of King Jayavarman VII. However, the two Queens were the ingenious co-architects of King Jayavarman VII's Khmer Empire in the 12th century. The Queens were philosophers, theologians, and victorious war leaders. Together, the royal triad built roads, canals, schools, monasteries, temples, and hospitals.

Yet, why had these most important, influential Queens been neglected in the dark, scruffy, filthy, undignified and dilapidated chamber under a collapsed roof of falling stone?

Are they really apsaras, devatas or "sacred prostitutes" [*], goddesses or queens ???

Except for their few, well meaning accolades; however, short on indepth history the historians had in mind a "presumed" image that of Queen Jayarajadevi. Whereas, the locals call the same image Queen Indradevi. Yet, King Jayavarman VII deified this image as his mother.

Let's explore to expose the facts and reveal the TRUTH
with hard, carved in stone PROOFS >>>
Revered but neglected?
CLEAR as DAY Damage in the collapsing chamber

"It's safe in near future." "...pas mes onions..."
One of many garudas guarding the perimeter of Preah Khan
Top view of the collapsing chamber
Ungodly TONS of weight on the dungeon's roof

Steps away, adjacent to the collapsing chamber
Engineering Neglect + Sanitary Neglect + Safety Neglect

= TOTAL cultural DAMAGE + heritage LOSS
Are trash, decades old rubbish part of cultural heritage?

yet ALL made claims and scams without any proofs of evidence? 14 May 2010