Discovering Queen Indradevi and Queen Jayarajadevi led into
NEW FINDINGS of a powerful Royal Triad of King Jayavarman!  
   φ The Ancient Secrets of A Royal Triad : DECODED · ·     new
   φ Bayon Renaissance: From Ruins to Fine Arts   new
   φ Cultural Expeditions: On the trails of the Discovery of the Royal Triad   new  
   φ Ancient Queens Who Shaped an Asian Empire: Indradevi and Jayarajadevi ·
   φ Le regine che hanno forgiato un impero asiatico: Indradevi e Jayarajadevi
in Khmer  pdf icon  Queen Indradevi, Queen Jayarajadevi in Khmerin Preah Khan, Bayon temples  
pdf icon  The Discovery of Queen Indradevi and Queen Jayarajadevi Of King Jayavarman VII  
in french   pdf icon  A La Recherche et à la Découverte des sœurs-reines, Indradevi et Jayarajadevi,
du Royaume Khmer au 12ème siècle