Note the unique crown, the necklaces, the earlobes loped off,
gems stolen off her eyebrows, and her forehead.

The pesky details they (Khmers and Experts) did not care to investigate. The Cambodians, who claimed the “Queens” with NO proofs, only knew of this location, in the dungeon. Did the Khmers love and respect these Queens to some degree, but less than their own pigs that are kept in clean pigsties!?! These Cambodians claimed they knew it all, but they didn’t care to research.

The historians claimed a “money scam,” in line with the KISS theory. Calling the Queens apsaras is easier for shuffling papers; therefore, NO research is needed.

However, the images of the Queens in the dungeon of Preah Khan were:

  • The only sculptures known to date to have precious stones and gems encrusted in the crown, eyebrows, on the forehead, along the torso, as well as golden hoops, which all have been stolen and removed with only holes left and whacked off earlobes.
  • The only two sculptures deeply carved with the most exacting women features and fashion of their times. The two women were standing on lotus flowers with intricate, and symbolic depictions.
  • Both women wore crowns and adorned themselves with similar body jewelry, accessories, and dresses of the same big flowers pattern.

The history of these Queens is sparse. In fact, to date, only one image has been purported to be Queen Jayarajadevi and NONE for Queen Indradevi. There are NO other drawings, statues or, sculptures of these beautiful, dynamic, influential, and compassionate Queens.

These initial details and lack of history left the field wide open for me to research: 1. the truth about the other images of these two Queens to instill and restore a respectful homage of their historical contribution and 2. debunk the “money scam“ theory.

Close-up view of the details, grime, stale make-up,
scratches, and holes left off stolen gems on the eyebrows.
Close-up view of the details of her sautoir once adorned of
precious gems along the straps.
Queen Indradevi looking like she should when she was alive...

majestic, powerful, beautiful and smart.
Note the similar body accessories on Queen Jayarajadevi
to Queen Indradevi, her big sister.
Beautiful dress, infinite details for this little sister and queen.
Same beautiful dress, infinite details for Queen Indradevi.